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 Charge Capture

Physicians Mobile Billing & Workflow Solution

Less time practicing keystrokes, more time practicing medicine


  • Increased productivity and time savings through ease of use.

  • Services entered are immediately available to Billing. No “syncing” or other means of delivery are necessary.

  • Patient location information is automatically updated.

  • New patient admits and consults are automatically added to the rounding list.

  • Physician can view any rounding list for any facility from anywhere on any single mobile device.

  • Follow-up care can be ordered through the mobile device and made immediately available to Scheduling for a “proactive” call to the patient to schedule their follow-up visit.

  • The physician can use virtually any mobile device. He or she is not locked into any one device.

  • Same look and feel across all mobile devices, tablets, laptops, PCs, and Macs. No need to re-train on different devices.

  • Data is not physically stored on the mobile device preventing major legalities if device is lost or stolen.


  • Saves physician and staff time.

  • Provides savings through expedited billing.

  • Brings services rendered from multiple sites to one centralized location.

  • Reduction of lost revenue through the identification of unbilled patients.

  • Customizable audits to reduce rejection of payment by insurance carriers.

  • Support for ICD9 and ICD10 Codes.

  • Supports Green initiatives by reducing paper usage.

  • Capability of interfacing to HL7 compliant practice  

      management (PM) systems.

  • Flexible architecture to allow for interfacing to any

      EMR system.



Today, many hospital system employed physicians are paid by RVUs. Our physician charge capture records the RVU associated with the patient services provides so those RVU-based providers are able to keep track of their productivity to maximize their compensation.



New functionality has been added to Qyos Mobile Physician Charge Capture that allows for requests for follow-up care to be entered and made INSTANTLY available to Scheduling, branding Qyos Mobile Physician Charge Capture a ONE-OF-A-KIND mobile billing solution.